Call for Bids ICCB 2025

XI International Conference on Computational Bioengineering - Call for Proposals


The International Congress on Computational Bioengineering is a congress series, which objective is to provide a forum for the discussion and the diffusion of the recent advances in Computational Bioengineering, promoting the interaction between sub-disciplines (e.g. imaging, biosignals, biomechanics, etc.) driving toward biomedical integrative research (e.g. physiome, virtual physiological human, systems biology), where predictive models describe disparate physiological or pathological sub-processes and are combined to obtain a more systemic understanding.

The congress is intended also as an opportunity for researchers from all over the world to establish collaborations regardless of the geopolitics barriers, detecting areas of cooperation, and promoting the development of partnerships for new research and educational actions in bioengineering.


Each issue of the congress series is organised by local organising committee, selected through a public bid by the ICCB International Steering Committee (ICCB_ISC).

ICCB Congress bid

Call for bid and selection process

  • ICCB congress hosts are selected two years in advance
  • Each bidder must submit to the ICCB_ISC a written proposal on or before July 31th, 2023
  • Selected bid will be announced as soon as possible, no later than September 30th, 2023

Bid rules

  • Mandatory requirements
    • Define a date, possibly in September to ensure continuity with previous issues, which is not in conflict with any major event for the ICCB attendance
    • Discount for students
    • Space and time for an ICCB_ISC meeting and the ICCB series closing ceremony in plenary session
    • ICCB_ISC members participation in the abstract evaluation process
    • Submission of the following documents
      • Meeting fee model
      • Composition of the Scientific and Organising committees
      • Paper and/or abstract evaluation and acceptance process
      • Strategic layout of the scientific program, including the major topics
      • A tentative list of keynote speakers
      • Mobility and accommodation
      • Description of the venue and of the location
      • A declaration in which the organisers agrees that any modification to what is described in the above documents must be approved by the ICCB_ISC
      • If considered necessary, the ICCB_ISC reserves the right to call for a formal presentation of the bid, during a physical or teleconference meeting.
    • Evaluation Criteria
      • Full compliance with previous rules
      • Proposed Keynote lectures
      • Strategic layout of the scientific program
      • International scientific board, with a minority of locals
      • Specific actions aimed to broaden the participation
      • Attention to all branches of computational bioengineering
      • Clear and detailed meeting fee structure
      • Reduction on fees for students
      • Effective mobility and accommodation plan